Soffits and Fascia in CalgaryTwo of the most important aspects of any siding or roof repair project are the soffits and fascia on your home. The soffits bridge the gap between the top of your siding and the bottom of your roof line, and the fascia cover the vertical edge of your roof. If either one has been damaged, it’s important to have a professional repair team take care of replacing and restoring your fascia and soffit, and that’s exactly what Urban Siding in Calgary offers.


Soffits are usually composed of wood or vinyl, and if there are cracks or holes in them, small animals and insects can find their way inside. Water can also find its way inside, and if it comes into contact with wood, it can cause rotting and other problems. The soffit helps ventilate your home’s attic, and has small holes that provide airflow and circulation, so you want to be sure that no section is compromised or missing.


The fascia is a vertical edge that is connected to your home’s rafters, trusses, and where your gutters are attached to the roof. It not only provides an aesthetic touch to the finished edge of your roof, it also protects the wooden boards underneath your gutters from water damage. If the fascia board is damaged or removed during high winds or a rainstorm, it’s essential to have it repaired or replaced right away.

Your Professional Team

As your soffit and fascia professionals, Urban Siding  can take care of any issue where water has found its way inside, or where you’re worried about wildlife finding its way inside your home because of cracks or holes. Call us today to schedule your consultation! Calgary’s Siding Repair Specialists